Race & History & Food

Examining the history of food and its racist past.

Discussing how systematic racism affects our diet today.

Changing the dynamic with new recipes you can make at home.

From stereotypes of fruit and poultry, to the sticky history of soda, podcast hosts Darryl Goodner and Kelly Nusz shed light on old history and cook up something new.


E 22. Native American Heritage Month with Nicole Robey

This November we got to sit down and chat with Nicole Robey who is Winnebago Ho-Chunk and lives in Louisville, KY. She works for Amazon and is part of their Indigenous Leadership Board. Robey brought fry bread to discuss the delicious and divisive history of this native food, and share her memories of it growing […]


Look, sugar is racist. And we’re going to cover all of that in an upcoming episode, but for this one, we just wanted to enjoy some candy—too bad Kelly bought pounds of the grossest assortment she could find. Circus Peantus, Bit-O-Honey, Caramel Chews—we ate them all. Was Darryl extremely upset? Yes. But did he quit? […]

Just Gravy 8: Magnet Schools

Just as we released our 3rd and final (for now) episode on school lunch, The Courier-Journal was just beginning to release their own investigative articles on the JCPS school system. Their series of deeply researched articles also comes with a new podcast produced by the newspaper. Knowing that we could not ignore the work of […]

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