Race & History & Food

Examining the history of food and its racist past.

Discussing how systematic racism affects our diet today.

Changing the dynamic with new recipes you can make at home.

From stereotypes of fruit and poultry, to the sticky history of soda, podcast hosts Darryl Goodner and Kelly Nusz shed light on old history and cook up something new.


E 23. Tastes Like Chicken and Sadness & E 24. Sunday Supper

In our first episode back from an unexpected hiatus, we catch up on all the horrible things that haven been happening the past few months, and then we talk chicken. Also, Darryl made fried chicken cutlets and talked about how bad he is at frying chicken. We kept this first episode kind of loose since…

Just Gravy 9: Holiday Leftovers

Divorce, depression, and candy corn–we cover it all in this bonus episode about dealing with the holidays. This year may be especially difficult as we come back into a life that we have not experienced in some time. The pandemic has figuratively taken our lives, thrown them up in the air, and now as things…

E 22. Native American Heritage Month with Nicole Robey

This November we got to sit down and chat with Nicole Robey who is Winnebago Ho-Chunk and lives in Louisville, KY. She works for Amazon and is part of their Indigenous Leadership Board. Robey brought fry bread to discuss the delicious and divisive history of this native food, and share her memories of it growing…

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