Race & History & Food

Examining the history of food and its racist past.

Discussing how systematic racism affects our diet today.

Changing the dynamic with new recipes you can make at home.

From stereotypes of fruit and poultry, to the sticky history of soda, podcast hosts Darryl Goodner and Kelly Nusz shed light on old history and cook up something new.


E 18. School Lunch Part 2

In our second episode on School Lunch, we take a hard look at how the metaphor of a Melting Pot to describe the necessary assimilation of American immigrants, might be a little problematic. The school lunchroom is the place where newly immigrated children were (and still are) introduced to the “American diet”. Where classrooms taught […]

E 17. School Lunch Part 1

Welcome Back to School! (and our podcast) After a much needed break from research, writing, and talking about kind of bummer stuff, we are back and ready to do all these things again. We welcome all of our listeners back with a series about school lunch. Our series begins with Native American Boarding Schools which […]

E 16. Butter Pecan Plays Hot Ones

For your listening pleasure, Kelly and Darryl decided to take the challenge of playing the card game version of Hot Ones. If you haven’t seen the wildly popular show Hot Ones, do yourself a favor and find your favorite celebrity taking the challenge on the network First We Feast. Celebrities are interviewed as they taste […]

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