Race & History & Food

Examining the history of food and its racist past.

Discussing how systematic racism affects our diet today.

Changing the dynamic with new recipes you can make at home.

From stereotypes of fruit and poultry, to the sticky history of soda, podcast hosts Darryl Goodner and Kelly Nusz shed light on old history and cook up something new.


E 13. David McAtee’s BBQ

On June 1, 2020 David McAtee was shot and killed by the National Guard in the West End neighborhood of Louisville, Ky. Moments before his death, he can be seen on video checking his BBQ. Kelly and Darryl cover the McAtee’s life, the events leading to his death, and the aftermath a year later. We […]

E11&12. Filipino Invasion

In Part 1, we talk with our friend Camille about immigrating to the U.S. as a child. She reminisces about some of her favorite foods and the meals she now makes with her family. Camille discusses the joy and struggles her family had living first in California and then Kentucky. She was also kind enough […]

Bibingkang Malagkit

By Camille Pase I don’t know if there is a short way to describe why this particular dish means so much to me, but when I was young my mom made a lot of sacrifices and stayed home. She cooked so many great things every day but to me, I always of course loved the […]

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