E 22. Native American Heritage Month with Nicole Robey

This November we got to sit down and chat with Nicole Robey who is Winnebago Ho-Chunk and lives in Louisville, KY. She works for Amazon and is part of their Indigenous Leadership Board.

Robey brought fry bread to discuss the delicious and divisive history of this native food, and share her memories of it growing up. Although a childhood favorite to many, this dense, chewy, fried treat has its own dark history of colonization that is embedded in the stories of most native families.

We talk with Robey about everything from food to music to football to what it means to be white presenting. Did we say she can also dance? Yeah, she does that too.

Although we didn’t quote or pull directly from any source material, here are some of the articles and sites we used to prepare for our conversation:

Native American Branding In American Football: A Forgotten History

Nephi Craig, Farm to Table Food, and the Movement to Rediscover Native American Cooking

Fry Bread Is Beloved, but Also Divisive

Journal of American Indian Education

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