Look, sugar is racist. And we’re going to cover all of that in an upcoming episode, but for this one, we just wanted to enjoy some candy—too bad Kelly bought pounds of the grossest assortment she could find.

Circus Peantus, Bit-O-Honey, Caramel Chews—we ate them all.

Was Darryl extremely upset? Yes. But did he quit? Absolutely not.

We review a quick history of each of these candies and their similar beginnings which mainly occured during the Great Depression. Candy empires were forged during this time, as the price of sugar dropped after WWI. Sugar farmers in the U.S. Cuba, and Puerto Rico took a beating as the value of their crop fell.

But really, we’ll get to all that later. Right now, just eat some candy (the good stuff, not anything we chose (except Chick-O-Stick, that ones a keeper)) and listen as Darryl yells at Kelly for making him eat such trash.

Bit-O-Honey Commercial

Source for E21. BIG CANDY

A Brief History of Circus Peanuts

Atkinson Candy

Goetze Candy