E 23. Tastes Like Chicken and Sadness & E 24. Sunday Supper´┐╝

E 23. Tastes Like Chicken and Sadness
E 24. Sunda Supper

In our first episode back from an unexpected hiatus, we catch up on all the horrible things that haven been happening the past few months, and then we talk chicken. Also, Darryl made fried chicken cutlets and talked about how bad he is at frying chicken.

We kept this first episode kind of loose since we had been gone for so long. We share a few facts about chicken and give a short intro.

In the second episode, we go more in-depth about the economical impact chicken had in the lives of the black people as they tried to obtain their own freedom, and how chicken became a part of church.

We share a dinner of Popeye’s chicken sandwiches, discuss the chicken sandwich phenomenon, and how the fried chicken business has succeeded locally for black owners but how there has yet to become a national chain with a black person at the helm.

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